My Eastern European Tour

I’m really excited to write a blog about our recent travel in Eastern Europe. I, together with my two friends, visited a total of 7 countries for a duration of 9 days. Our point of entry was France and then, we went from Paris (1) going to Frankfurt, Germany (2). From main station of Frankfurt (2) , we journeyed around the neighboring countries of Czech Republic (3), Hungary (4), Austria (5), Liechtenstein (6), and Switzerland (7). And from Switzerland (7), we drove back to Frankfurt (2) and returned back to our country of origin, France (8).

Words are not enough to describe our wonderful travel experience in Eastern Europe. It’s like we’re always out of expressions to illustrate the beautiful places that my friends and I visited. We are not newbie travelers in Europe, but there’s always something that’s lurking in every corner of the European countries that never ceases to amaze us.  So without further ado, let me start by saying Bon Voyage and let me tour you to the beautiful countries of Eastern Europe!

If you’d like to see our preparations starting from application of Schengen visa in KSA to packing our luggage, you can click here!

Or you can skip it to proceed with our travels by clicking below links!


Day One

Day 1.1. Travel from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Turkey

Day 1.2. Stop Over from Istanbul Turkey to Charles De Gaulle, France

Day 1.3. On the way from CDG to Paris Center

Day 1.4. Hotel Saint Roch, Paris Center, France

Day Two

Day 2.1. Breakfast at Eric Kayser

Day 2.2. On the way to Disneyland Paris

Day 2.3. Disneyland Paris

Day 2.4. Cruise by night

Day Three

Day 3. Paris City Tour

Day Four

Day 4. Frankfurt, Germany

Day Five

Day 5. Prague, Czech Republic

Day Six

Day 6. Hungary

Day Seven

Day 7. Austria

Day Eight

Day 8. Liechenstein and Switzerland

Day Nine

Day 9. Germany and back to France


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