About Us – People Behind the 2DWanderer.com

www.2dwanderer.com started when the two of us felt a strong desire to share our travel stories and personal experiences to everyone who have not traveled yet in their entire lives, who wanted to travel but always have excuses to travel, who have no budget for travel but have money to spend with for their vices, and etc. In short, we wanted to show to you the world through this blog and to prove to everyone that traveling is one great thing to experience while we are still alive. While we are still capable to do so and while we are still young, travel. Because the most important parts of travel are the memories (we will gain that we will cherish for the rest of our lives), experience, wisdom, and of course, the photos we can capture during our travel that we can upload to social media like facebook, Instagram and twitter for our friends and followers to appreciate. Don’t you think that having a great photo with your young face is better than having an old face? What we are trying to point out is travel young. First of all, it’s an achievement to travel while you are young. Second, you have the advantage because youths have energy to move anywhere without getting tired easily. And so on. So travel now, enjoy later. You will definitely miss a lot in your life if you will not travel. If you think that expense is your major drawback why you are not traveling, then think again. There are many ways you can travel even with little budget.

The name of our site is derived from the initials of our short names: Dres (short name of Edres) and Del (short name of Rodel). Just do the math, D + D = 2D. 2D plus the word wanderer (meaning travelers) equal 2dwanderer. And that’s how we came out with the name of this site and we are proud of the humble beginning of our website founded by our passion for adventures.

Now that you are all familiar with our blog site, let us take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

My name is Edres and I am your Nutritionist and travel guide buddy. 


And I’m Rodel and your Engineer-next-door whose willing to assist you in your calculation of your travel expenses. 


We are the persons behind the www.2dwanderer.com. We first met here in Saudi Arabia last November 2011. As we are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) working in the same Company who have the same great interest in traveling and eating delicious foods, no wonder we become best of friends.

However, the disadvantages of working overseas are homesickness and the pressure we get at work. So we use eating and traveling as avenues to stay away from the stresses we get from our daily jobs.

We are both receiving an average salary from our normal job but it’s not an excuse for us not to travel to our dream destinations. While we are sending the majority of our hard earned salaries to our families back in the Philippines, we never forget to keep some money for our future travels. To tell you the truth, Paris is once a dream destination before for both of us. We thought that it was just a fantasy to travel there because we were held back by our worries in applying Schengen visa, which we heard was very difficult to acquire, and the expense of travel. But due to our hard work, passion to travel, and blessings we received from the Lord, we were able to visit France last December, 2015. And that’s our first travel together. Since then, we have been travelling to Europe, USA, Middle East, etc. with friends who have developed their interests in travel as well.

If you really love traveling, follow your heart and don’t stop until you are able to achieve your dream. If we can do it, so can you.