Breakfast at Eric Kayser Boulanger in Paris

We woke up in our hotel in Paris Center at 7:00 am but it’s still dark outside when we opened our window curtain. Good thing there’s wifi inside our room so we searched for nearby bakeries and we saw Eric Kayser Bakery, which is just a walking distance from the hotel.

The sun shone only at 8:00 am. It was slightly chilly outside so we brought our sweatshirts for the cold morning.


This is the street view just outside our hotel. We’re on the way to Eric Kayser Bakery to eat our first breakfast in Europe.

Just so you know, Eric Kayser Bakery is featured in Japanese Anime entitled Yakitate Japan, which is all about bread making in the most artistic ways.


Above is the junction at Rue Saint Roch Street. On the right of the picture is Carrefour where you can buy your groceries, while on the left is the way to Kayser Bakery.


We turned left at the junction and just behind the green sign “Rue Saint Roch” is the church.


This is the church on the way to Kayser Bakery. Get your camera ready to take selfie together with the beautiful sculptured church!


This is the facade of Eric Kayser Bakery.


The views of bread on display are already very delicious at sight.


Colorful Breads are being displayed in order. Truly, they are artisans of breads!


I love French Macarons.


Cost of cappuccino is 4 Euro / cup. The hot cappuccinos were just fine to warm our hungry stomachs while enjoying the beautiful morning in Paris.


Croissant is worth 1.7 Euro, raisin bread is worth 2.05 Euro, and chocolate bread is worth 1.80 Euro.


Viennoise chocolat bread is worth 2.30 Euro.

Total cost of our breakfast was 23.25 Euro for 3 pax.



After breakfast, we headed to Carrefour to buy Evian worth 2 Euro/bottle. 

Lastly, we went back to our hotel after buying water from the shop, . We arrived in our room at exactly 9:00 am to prepare our things and got ready for departure to Disneyland Paris.