Our Magical Stay at Paris Disneyland

Disneyland Paris is one of our much awaited itineraries in France. So three days before our flight to France, we booked our online tickets with accesses to Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park valid for one day.


Upon confirmation of our online purchase, we received our Special Magic E-Tickets from our emails and printed out copies of it before going to France.

Entrance fee is more costly in weekends (Special Magic Ticket) and holidays (Special Super Magic Ticket) as compared to weekday rates (Special Mini Ticket). So choose the date which you are comfortable and convenient in terms of price and date in order for you to enjoy your stay in Disneyland Paris.


Comprising of more or less 5,000 acres, Disneyland Paris is truly a paradise not only to children but to all people in all ages.

Before we entered the premise, we passed the main security gate of the park and went through a metal detector scanning machine (just like in airport).


We saw this beautiful pink building when we exited the security gate, which is the entrance gate to the Disneyland Park. And before the entrance is a beautiful fountain and the face of mickey mouse where you can take beautiful selfie or photo for your social media post.


This is the close up photo of the entrance of Disneyland Park. See how beautiful it is!

We presented our e-tickets to the lady guard standing in the gate and when she scanned the bar code printed in our e-tickets to the turnstile’s scanning machine, the door of Disney opened right before us and we’re like newly escaped prisoners whose very excited to see this new world.


The railroad station is the first of the many attractions that we saw inside the park, which will show you the 360 degree views of the park. Below it is a passageway that is connected to the town square and other Disney attractions.

We got our map of the park located just below the railroad station.


This is the map of 2 parks. It is very important that you budget your time wisely if you only have one day to enjoy here. Use the map to show you direction of important landmarks and rides because it’s easy to get lost inside the park without a map.



Above is the map of Disneyland Park only (We will not discuss the Walt Disney Park as we were not able to visit it). Do not think that Disneyland Paris is as small as this paper map or you’ll end up very tired at the end of your visit because you are not able to prepare your legs beforehand for a long walk.


This is the main street after the town square and before the central plaza, which is the busiest place in the park because it serves as a passage way of people coming in and out of the park. Along the way, you can see many beautiful buildings and restaurants.


Above are several of the restaurant menus that we saw as we’re on our way to the central plaza. Prepare some budget for your food inside the park because I heard that not all foods from outside the park are allowed to be brought to the inside.


We were really hungry when we arrived in Disneyland and it’s already past 12:00 noon so we decided to eat in Market House Deli, one of the restaurants that we saw along the main street. We ordered  wrap poulet worth 6,99 EUR


This is the packaging of wrap poulet. Inside are 2 sandwiches like shawarma. It tasted more like a cheese sandwich because the cheese is the most dominating taste in every bite.


After the snack, I decided to go to toilet, which is outside the restaurant. It’s a FREE toilet so don’t worry to use it anytime you want. (I wrote FREE in CAPS LOCK because majority of toilets in Europe is not free and will cost you from 0.5 to 1 Euro depending on which Schengen State you are located. We will be discussing it later in my succeeding blogs.)


The toilet was clean but these sink tiles were already aging because of the black stains which were not scraped out in between the tiles. LOL.


Typical toilet throne inside one of toilet cubicles. has no water sprinkler or hose for washing and no garbage bin to throw away the consumed tissues. If you want to wash your butt, bring an empty mineral water bottle and fill it up with water from the sink. I saw other people also doing that so it should not be an issue of shame in your part if you want to make yourself clean after a big act.

Anyway, our focus here is not toilet so let’s move on with the most important part of Disneyland, the RIDES.


This is one of the majestic castles of the park is located almost at the center of Disneyland Park. It’s really a nice view to see it from afar because you will get so excited to walk fast just to get close to this pink castle. If you are used in watching Disney movies like Sleeping Beauty, etc, then Disneyland is a great place to bring out your movie fantasy into reality.

Below is a movie clip of what’s inside this pink castle.

After we amused ourselves with the scenery of stained glasses, scenes from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty, etc, we decided to exit the castle by climbing down the other spiral staircase.

Outside the castle is the Fantasyland Land


As we headed to the heart of the Fantasyland, we saw the Queen of hearts (from the movie Alice in Wonderland) displaying her beauty for the crowd to see. Just be very careful… not to fall in love with her. LOL! She was not alone. She was accompanied by Mad Hatter who loves to create scenes in front of your video cameras if he sees you recording videos.


This is first ride, the Le Carrousel De Lancelot that we saw inside Fantasyland. But we didn’t ride it maybe because it’s too boring for our age now. LOL.


Our first ride was the Dumbo, the flying elephant. I really didn’t know why we ended up being stuck in here. It just so happened that we were curious to know why so many people were falling in line and wanted to check what’s at the end of the queue.


We fell in line at exactly 1:46pm and we reached end of the line at 2:30pm. In short, It took us almost an hour to reach the ride.

Once you ride it and you starts spinning, you decide if you want to go up or down by maneuvering the handle in front of your chair. I chose to stay on top because the views were great at heights.

I enjoyed the ride even though it was only a one or two minute ride.


After our first ride, we saw Mickey Mouse House. Unfortunately, we were not able to get inside it because we were notified by the lady in the counter to wait for 75 minutes before she could allow us to enter the house. Since we didn’t have much time to wait, we decided to let it go and tried other wonderful attractions.


This is the entrance to our second ride: It’s-a-small-world.


Again, QUEUE? But unlike the flying elephant which took us almost 1 hour to reach end, here in It’s-a-small-world, it only took us less than 30 minutes to ride the boat.

It’s-a-small-world is a cruise boat that will tour you around the world for less than 10 minutes while listening to the relaxing music of “Its a small world”. The video  shows everything of what’s inside. However, I removed the music from the the video because of copyright issue.

We got out of the boat at 3:30 pm. Then we walked away to check out other rides and attractions inside Fantasyland.


This is the entrance to our 3rd ride, the Casey’s Petit Train du Cirque. We were still in Fantasyland but we already spent almost 3/4 of our whole visit in this section of the park only. There were still other sections of the park waiting for us like Discoveryland, Frontierland and Advertureland. That’s why, I said earlier to budget your time so you can optimize your visit in Disneyland without missing many important rides.


By now, I would say that we’re already immune with queues. But the queue here took us more or less 10 minutes to reach the train ride.

Choo chooo!! The mini train’s coming for us to ride!

It’s a simple ride, which was more or less five minutes to finish one trip.

It’s already 4:00 pm and it’s time to leave Fantasyland to say hello to Discoveryland!


But before heading to Discoveryland, we decided to take break time and we bought Fanta softdrinks (3,49 EUR/ bottle) and Mineral Water (3,19 EUR/ bottle) to quench our thirsts.

On our way to Discoveryland, we passed several attractions in Fantasyland like:


1. Curios Labyrinth of Alice in Wonderland is a maze garden.


2. Mad Hatters TEA CUPS is a spinning and colorful tea cup ride.


3. Jack and the Beanstalk shop is where you can buy souvenirs like stuff toys of Disney characters, keychain, hats, etc.


There are dolls of Mickey Mouse, mini mouse, cheshire cat,Donald duck, Alice, Winnie the pooh, etc.


There are also keychains, and so on.


As we walked towards the Discoveryland, we were amazed to see this crowd and the beautiful blue sky. It was September when we visited Disneyland Paris, it was not very hot nor cold, and it’s actually the perfect time to wander around the park.


This is the view upon entering the gate of Discoveryland. The huge crowds in the picture depict that attraction rides in Discoveryland are a must see and ride. The orbiting golden balls like planet (in the middle of the picture) is called the Orbitron, which is a ride similar to Dumbo the Flying elephant.


This is our fourth ride, the Space Mountain. It’s a roller coaster attraction themed around a journey into the outer space. The queue here was long but the waiting time was short.  I had no idea what it was at first but when somebody told me what’s waiting for us at the end of the line, I suddenly became nervous. I wanted to back out but I was left with no choice as I was already pushed forward by the crowd and had no choice but to try it out.

By the time our seatbelt mechanisms were buckled up, our train’s car was pulled slowly to the top of the first hill. As we went higher and higher, my fear also escalated and when we reached a certain stop on the top, the surrounding went as black as an outer space and all of a sudden, we descended down the hill and all I could remember that it was really a superfast and rough roller coaster experience of mine.

During the ride, it banged my head around very badly at all times as if I literally thought that I would go headless at the end of ride.

Along the way, I saw stars, milky ways and several bodies of the outer space.

If you are not used to this kind of ride, avoid it as it may give you headache or ear ache or trauma at the end of the ride.


The ride was almost as long as 5-10 minutes. And at the end of the ride, your wacky snapshot will be shown on screen for you laugh at. However, the photos on display are changing after a minute or two and will be replaced by the photos of next batch of people, so be quick to write down the four numbers for you to buy it in the counter or scan the code with your mobile phone using a scanning app.

While we were still drunk under the influence of the space mountain ride, we moved towards our fifth ride, the Autopia, where you will literally drive your own car within its rail track.

It’s an enjoyable car ride. You control the car using the pedal and steering wheel. Do not worry if you do not have any driving experience or a driving license. The path of the car is being guided by a rail track so there’s no chance that you’ll crash to a tree or something. You can hit the other cars in front of you or you might get hit from your behind by other car as well but it’s all part of the fun.

We enjoyed most of the rides here in Discoveryland. After the car ride, we decided to go from Discoveryland to Adventureland.


This is the entrance of Adventureland, which is inspired by the Disney movie entitled Alladin.

Our maximum stay in this section of the park was only 15-20 minutes consisting of walking only and for us, there’s nothing much to do here.

Disneyland park is really a big park and our half-day stay’s not enough to cover the remaining sections of the park. I think even in one whole day, you will not be able to ride and see all the attractions. 

By the time we decided to leave the Disneyland park, it’s already past 6:00 pm.


While we’re on our way to the exit gate of the park, we saw in the town square, a star-studded parade of Disney characters with colorful floats. A mass of overwhelmed people was watching the show as each and every Disney mascots and characters made their grand entrances and exits. It was beautiful to see the parade while hearing the Disney’s theme song being played.

We were not able to visit the Walt Disney Park anymore because of our limited time and several constraints (e.g., long queue, fatigue due to long walk, etc) that are already out of our controls. So I guess buying ticket for 2 parks in 1 day is not that really worthy, but I think it is still a case to case basis. If you can buy a promo for 2-in-1 ticket, then I suggest you go for it. But if it’s in normal price, then again, you can decide if you want to buy separate tickets so you can enjoy both parks at your own pace without missing any rides and attractions.


We exited Disneyland Park and headed to Ticket booth to buy tickets going to Champ de Mars for our Cruise by Night (near the Eiffel Tower).


The procedure of buying ticket going back to Paris Center is almost the same when we bought our ticket from Pyramides Station to Marne-La-Vallee-Chessy, except the third step:

First step: Choose English

Second Step:  Choose Buy Ticket

Third: Choose Tickets for Paris Region/ Center

Fourth: Choose Full Fare

Fifth: Choose quantity

Sixth: Choose Validate

Seventh: Pay tickets

After buying train ticket and after the train ride from Disneyland Park, we were back to Chatelet station. 


Important tip: Do not exit any station if you have not yet reached your final destination or else, you will have to pay for another ticket to re-enter the station. Again, the law of asking somebody in case you get lost in direction, will be very helpful in order for you not to overspent your transportation allowance.


We waited at this station until the train going to Champ De Mars, arrived. We were excited to go for our cruise by night near the Eiffel Tower.

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