On the way to Disneyland Paris

Before going to outside from our hotel, we searched for nearest metro via google map and we found Pyramides Metro to be nearest station from our hotel, which is just 4 min walking distance. Cool, isn’t it!

It was already 10:00 am when we got out of our hotel and the weather at that time was approximately 25-30 degree Celsius.


This is the stairs that descend to Pyramides metro entrance. Metro in Paris looks old and shabby as compared to Hongkong metro which is clean and tidy. Still, It’s a good experience to try Paris train station but do not be very complacent in this part of Paris, as many thieves are lurking here. One important tip here is always to keep your bag in front of you at all times (but not in the sense that people might think you have something very valuable inside your bag and as result, you will become a target of thieves) and stay vigilant by moving or walking fast. If you got lost, it is easy to follow the signs inside metro. If you can’t follow or see the signs, bring out your map of MRT, which you can take out from your hotel, or you can ask someone especially the INFORMATION booth and other people for directions. Remember, It’s always a good idea to ask someone when you are lost than to stay silent.


Above is the ticket booth just beside the metro entrance, where you can purchase metro train tickets.

This is a video on how to purchase ticket going to Disneyland Paris.

First step: Choose English

Second Step:  Choose Buy Ticket

Third: Choose Tickets for MLV Chessy Disney

Fourth: Choose Full Fare

Fifth: Choose quantity (1 ticket = 7,60 Euro)

Sixth: Choose Validate

Seventh: Pay tickets by inserting credit card or coins. Unfortunately, we only had 100 EUR bills at that time. Good thing there were 4 good Spanish people who came to buy tickets from the same machine and we’re glad that they paid our tickets worth 22 Euro using their credit card when we asked and explained our situation to them. When we got our tickets, we paid them our cash.


We entered the train stations by inserting our tickets into the turnstile lighted in green (on the right side of the picture). The glass door in front will open once you take your ticket out from the machine. And don’t forget to secure your ticket while inside the station. Although it did not happen to us, I’ve read online that there will be random inspectors who will inspect tickets inside the train and the fine is huge if you’re not able to show any ticket.


It’s easy to follow the directions inside the station. Our starting point was Pyramides as highlighted in blue color from above. In order to go to Disneyland Paris, we went down to M14 Chatelet (4th station from Pyramides).


Signs/directions can be seen everywhere. Just follow the directions going to M14 train platform.


Above is a train going to Chatelet


When we dropped in Chatelet station, the walk going to RER A trains took us more or less 20-30 mins to reach end of the train platform. See the signs/ directions going to RER A Station (<–) from above. We passed a lot of hallways, stairs, escalators, more stairs, and more hallways.


From Chatelet Les Halles, we went to RER-A (A4) Marne-la-Valle-Chessy (Parcs Disneyland).


Look for platforms having Marne-La-Valle-Chessy lighted in orange color as shown above.


This is the double-decker train going to Disneyland Paris.


We just sat silently in our chairs inside the train while enjoying the views outside France. Although the views were not that impressive as compared to Paris Center, we still enjoyed every second of the ride.

It was less than an hour travel. We started from Chateles Les Halles at 11:20 am and we reached Disneyland Paris at approximately 12:10 pm.