Stop Over in Istanbul Turkey and Touchdown in Charles De Gaulle, France

We readied our boarding passes bound to Paris by the time our plane arrived in Istanbul Turkey. But our gate number was not yet provided to us at the time of our arrival so we did not know where to go. When it happens that you also receive a boarding pass without a gate number, don’t panic because what it actually mean is that you need to wait until your gate number will appear in airport monitors as shown below:


I am NOT really sure if it’s a coincidence or not that they would not show the gate immediately so you could dine-in in the restaurants or shop in the shopping markets that are scattered all over the airport. So in order not to defeat their purpose of not giving the gate number to us, we exchanged some Saudi Riyals into Turkish Lira because we thought that Turkish Ice Cream’s way too delicious to skip.


There are many money changer markets inside the airport and expect that they will sell their currency at a much higher rate as compared to markets outside the airport. So if you are planning to stay longer in Turkey, you consider exchanging your monies at FOREX markets outside the airport several days before your departure date.

Let’s take converting Saudi Riyals into Euro as per above exchange rate for example, if you have 5000 SAR divide by above FOREX of 3.3480 = 1493.4Euros (Do not be confused with Buy and Sell Rates. Since we want Euros, we will use Sell Rate of 3.3480 to convert our Saudi Riyals to Euro. If you have Euro and want to convert it to Saudi Riyals, then use Buy Rate of 3.220).

Whereas, Sell rate in Al-Khobar outside airport is 3.2 (Average). So 5000 SAR divide by 3.2 will give you 1562.5. See the difference! You will lose 69.5 Euros in the process which you can use to buy souvenirs instead. Remember, the bigger the money you exchange with higher sell rate, the bigger the money you lose.

If you would like to know where we exchanged our Saudi Riyals into Euros, click our separate blog using this link.

Since we were only stop over here in turkey, we did not consider changing majority of our pocket monies into their Currency.


We exchanged it so we could buy what we wanted. And that’s:

Turkish Ice Cream!


We tried all 3 flavors (Pistachio, Vanilla and Chocolate) and they were so delicious! Forget about your diet or die to miss it! #HAPPYDAYS


See how thick their ice cream is. As if the ice cream would not break and would reach the top of the ceiling as i scooped it out of the cup.


Goodbye Turkish Ice cream and off we went to our departure gate after our gate number was revealed to us 2 hours before our departure time.

Unfortunately, the walk towards our departure gate surely was a long walk to remember.


We arrived at departure gate several minutes before the boarding time. Good thing there’s 2 hours of free Wifi here. You only need to enter your mobile number so you will receive an SMS code that you can use to access their free wifi.


Gate 307 opened for boarding. A bus waited outside the gate to pick us up and delivered us to the airplane bound to Paris. At this time, we were aleady very excited to get to France and the thrill to see the Disneyland Paris made us so overwhelmed and blissful.


We ate our meal on-board. There were 2 choices, either Beef or pasta. Even though pasta is one of my favorite dish, I skipped it for the time being to eat something with rice. And here’s the beef and rice.


I also tried their on-board post tea to aid in digesting the food that I just ate. So I’d be in my perfect shape and not bloated upon arrival in France.

Above is a video which I took with my Iphone 6s+. It’s crystal clear that we landed already to our destination: France.