From Dammam, KSA to Istanbul, Turkey

We arrived at Dammam King Fahd International Airport (KFIA), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is one-hour away from Al-Khobar City.


This is one of the many views that can be seen inside KFIA to take selfie if you like. It is somewhat a central fountain located in middle floor that connects lowest ground (arrival) and topmost ground (departure) of the airport.


This is another view from KFIA. I’m not actually sure what’s it called for. But you can take good photos like you are an angel on earth on a mission.


View + Face + Camera = Selfie Time. But we’re not here to take photos only as we’re still aware of the reason why we were in the airport. So when it’s check-in time, we rushed to the counter of Turkish Airlines so we would not miss our departure time.


Check in counters usually opens 3 – 4 hours before the departure time. Always check your watch and the monitor screens that show all departure flights. 


When I was in the check in counter, I presented my passport and my print-out airline ticket to receive my boarding passes. I received two boarding passes, one pass for Dammam-Istanbul and another pass for Istanbul-France.

Our boarding gate was 27 and our boarding time was 5:10 am (KSA Time).


When I received my boarding gate, it’s time to weigh in and check in my luggage. My luggage was 16.7 kg worth of clothes.

After we received our passes and checked in our luggage, we proceeded to Immigration Counter. Be very careful in Immigration because first thing first, taking selfies or photos near the counter are not allowed by the airport security. Secondly, queues can be very long depending on the time and flow of people, which can cause to delay your way to your departure gate. So it’s better go directly to immigration counter immediately after check in.

When the Immigration stamped my passport, I passed the security check gate (where they scanned all of my carry bags for any prohibited items) in order to get to the boarding gate.

The departure gate was opened at exactly the same time written on the boarding pass.


It’s a good view to see the clouds and buildings like a miniature toys from the airplane window. While waiting for the airplane to arrive at destination, you can enjoy the ride by watching movies (if available), listening to music, eat the food that they’ll serve (if any) or just sleep.


The screen monitor in front of my seat showed that we’re near to land.


When we landed, I took a picture of the aircraft that delivered us to Istanbul, Turkey and before anything else, let me say: